Superfast Mailout


You tell us your preferences then when your packages arrive they move directly to the shipping area and we take care of the rest.

With the Superfast Mailout service from IndianMailBox, you preselect your shipping address, preferred carrier, and payment method and we'll take care of the rest.

As soon as your package is received at one of our warehouses, it's immediately processed for mailout based on our Superfast Mailout profile with no extra time spent on the shelf. Your packages are in, out, and on their way to your doorstep!

Creating a Superfat Mailout profile is simple as 1, 2, 3:



Step 1. Log in to your IndianMailBox account, click the Superfast Mailout link under My Account, and select Create a Profile →


Step 3. Click Confirm to save your profile. Then sit back, relax, and get back to shopping. IndianMailBox will take care of the rest.

Step 2. Select Warehouse ↓

Gurgaon, INDIA

Neveda, USA

Select Shipping Method

Select Payment Method

Step 2. Follow the on-screen prompts to select your shipping address, preferred carrier, payment method, and more

Will you still ship if my item is damaged?

We open all packages and inspect for damage or illegal goods. We will stop a superfast mailout out if we feel your item is damaged from the original shipper. We also will not ship illegal, fraudulent or restricted items.

What happens if my box does not include an invoice?

We suggest you fill out an expected package profile for each package and upload your proof of payment and prefill your customs form. If we do not have a way of verifying the cost of an item, it will be removed from the Fast Mailout queue and loaded into your account for regular package processing.

Can I ever turn Superfast Mailout off?

Yes, you can turn your Fast Mailout profile on or off at any time.

How much does it cost to ship a package?

Superfast Mailout will save you time and money with discounted package processing and customs form fees. Shipping will be at the pricing reflected on the Shipping Calculator.

Can I send consolidated shipments with Superfast Mailout?

No. If you're expecting multiple packages that you plan to consolidate, you can simply turn off Fast Mailout and process them as a standard mail out.

How do I fill out my US Customs Declaration Form?

IndianMailBox will complete your customs form for you. Item values will be based on the merchant's invoice.