Shipping Methods

Please try our new postage calculator for sending packages from INDIA to anywhere in the world.

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The following information is for general information only. We support only shipping methods shown in our shipping calculator. The shipping methods might be different based on each warehouse location and your country. Always check the calculator for the dimension and weight before you ship package to us.

All the rules and conditions of each shipping company apply to customer. Visit each shipping company website for complete information. Check out the list of restricted and prohibited items to ship with each of these shipping methods.

  • INDIA POST EMS Mail: no insurance, no tracking
  • DHL: very fast and reliable (we offer huge discounts negotiated on behalf of our customers).
  • UPS: very fast and reliable, large discounts
  • ARAMEX: fast and reliable, large discounts
  • DHL Freight: for heavy or oversize packages
  • Airmail Economy: cheap method for inexpensive items
  • Airmail Priority: cheap method for inexpensive items, little faster than Economy.

Every customer can login to his/her account and change the shipping method for each package.

India Post Priority Mail / Delhivery

Slower and cheaper than Express Mail. Offers tracking. Size limitations depending on country. Size limitation is 42 inches maximum length (some countries 60 inches). Length + (2 x width) + (2 x height) less than 79 inches (some countries allow less than 108 inches).

Tracking is not very reliable. Sometimes package still shows as on the way, but it is already in customs in the destination country. It is recommended to contact your local customs office when looking for a package. The tracking number often work with your local country postal service tracking. We recommend DHL for the most accurate tracking.


No insurance and no tracking available. Please use it only for low cost items as we are not able to insure the First Class mail packages.


Very fast and very reliable. Offers better tracking than anyone else. We offer both DHL Priority and Economy service. Size limits: Max. length 108 inches. Length + (2 x width) + (2 x height) less than 130 inches. Our contract with DHL does not allow guarantee for speed of delivery due to the discounts we get.

If you use DHL please pay attention to tracking number. DHL will attempt to contact you regarding customs duty in your country. You either have to clear customs yourself or authorize DHL to do it for you. You will do it with your local DHL branch. Call them once you see your package arrived in your country. If the DHL is not able to contact you they might keep package for 5 days and either send it back or destroy it. Due to the high cost of sending it back (usually triple of our rates) we strongly recommend that you keep track of incoming packages and communicate with DHL. Bigger packages might be sent through DHL freight.


Very fast and reliable method. DHL quotes are shown in the calculator if it is available in selected location. Customer is responsible to make sure no restricted items are being shipped. Aramex list of restricted items is here.


UPS is available if you can see it on the shipping calculator for your destination . We offer two different service levels, UPS Express Saver (2-4 business days), and UPS Express (4-6 business days).

Please note, that UPS Express is cheaper and faster than UPS Economy to some countries. This is because UPS Express rates are highly discounted, discounts for UPS Economy are not that high.

UPS terms and prohibited items list. All customers are responsible to find out if the items can be shipped by selected shipping method.

Extra Surcharges for UPS

  • Packages containing Lithium Battery : Rs. 350.00 ($5.00)
  • Packages with weight less than 30 kg/ 66 lbs, and one or any of the dimensions exceeds 1.2m x 0.7m x 0.6m/47.28 inches x 27.56 inches x 23.63 inches (L x W x H): Rs. 700 ($10)

For Customers from AUSTRALIA:

Be ready to provide all original invoices to UPS and customs. Keep your order confirmations and invoices and send these via email to with your UPS consignment number as a reference.

DHL Freight

For packages with billing weight over 150 lbs (68kg). This can be either dimensional weight or real weight. Also can be used for multiple packages, which can be placed on pallet and shipped to you.

When checking the quotes please consider that weight of pallet and packaging material must be added to the total weight. DHL freight will deliver to your address (should be commercial address). They will deliver to side walk. You are responsible for inside delivery and unpacking. Light and big packages might be mailed without pallets. Maximum size for DHL Freight is 119 x 80 x 70 inches (302 x 203 x 177 cm), maximum weight 2200 lbs (997 kg).

Airmail Economy

Inexpensive options for smaller packages up to 4.4lbs. Perfect for books, magazines, CDs, t-shirts, etc. There is no tracking available. Packages are sent through postal wholesale network (ISAL, IPA) and will most likely come by regular post in your country. This is very similar to sending regular letters. Airmail Economy cannot be insured and tracked with exception to few countries (seecalculator).

Any dimension must not exceed 24 inches, and sum of all dimensions (L+W+H) must not exceed 36 inches.

Airmail Priority

Packages are routed through Europe post offices (that’s why it might take longer time for delivery). Insurance is available for Airmail Priority service except few countries with high loss rate. Package travels from our warehouse by air plane to European post office (usualy Belgium or U.K.). Then they travel to your country are and are delivered by your post office (usually through E.M.S. service). There is no website where you could track the Airmail package. If you need tracking use different shipping method.

Maximum length is 59 inches, maximum combined dimensions (length + girth, or L + 2xW + 2xH) must be less than 118 inches, minimum weight over 4.4 lbs and maximum weight is 44 lbs. Maximum value of shipped products less than $400.

If package is being sent to a business address, the business address or company name must be filled out with a company name or business name on the delivery address section of the package. Failure to do so will cause packages to be returned and additional reship fee may be charged.

Mailing condition for all packages

If the value of any item in the package is over $2,500 we can only ship by DHL, FedEx or UPS due to the complicated regulations and reporting (EEI Electronic Export Information: SED Shipper Export Declaration), which applies to shipping items with value over US $ 2,500 / INR 100000.00. In case you want us to prepare EEI we charge a US $ 40.00 / INR 2800.00 flat fee.