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Establish a professional image and register your real street address for business or private use in Gurgaon now for free.

We Digitalize Your Mail

YOU decide which mail and documents you want to get scanned and access/manage it from anywhere in the world.

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Use your new address to add a phone number, a website or a local domain with professional e-mail.


Use your IndianMailBox address as your valid shipping destinations

Advanced Postal Mailbox

IndianMailbox usage is as easy as using your E-Mail account. We wanted you to feel comfortable right from the beginning. So if there is a new mail, you will get the following information:

Based on these information you can decide on each item to:


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Register your individual Postbox for free. Just three clicks away you can have access to a postbox as well as a first class business address in Gurgaon.

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When mail arrives addressed to your unique address at our facility, our staff takes action and gives you a notification about the sender, the type of mail and the weight in your cloud postbox.

You simply review your inbox and decide on each mail item if you want your mail to be scanned, stored, shipped directly to your address or to be shredded

Your dropbox account can be connected with your IndianMailbox postbox. So you can automatically store each mail item.

Your physical mail, packages, and information are protected by round-the-clock surveillance monitoring with security alarm and camera systems. Your mail is stored in a separate room that can only be accessed by authorized personnel. The entire IndianMailbox application including the data is securely hosted behind firewalls and monitored 24/7 by security specialists. We pay close attention to emerging network and system security threats. We apply patches regularly to our infrastructure to ensure the security of your data.


Your new office is located directly in the center of the India NCR Gurgaon. This part of the city is called 'Arc' and many businesses and startups are located here. It is located close to the Indian government area. So build trust and confidence with your customers with our professional address.


Access your mailbox from anywhere in the world. View and OCR search your mail and packages in beautiful high resolution PDF files using only your browser or mobile phone. Save all your documents in your favourite storage system (Dropbox). No downloads or special software needed.


High security measures help keep your physical mail and online data safe. All data transfer is SSL encrypted with 256bit. Your privacy and protection of your data are guaranteed at any time. All postal mail and data are processed, saved and stored exclusively in a security certified data center.

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