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IndianMailBox Services Pricing

How much does it cost to ship a package?

It costs ₹ 140 INR + the shipping rate. Check out our Shipping Calculator to view shipping rates.

Special Services Pricing And Fees

Listed below are pricing for our most commonly used services and basic fees we charge

₹ 140 INR
IndianMailBox charges ₹ 140 INR per package as a receiving and processing fee
10% commission for
Regular member
15% commission for
Free member
Having trouble buying the things you want online? With Buy For Me, you tell us what items you want, where to buy them and we'll take care of the rest! Now you don't have to worry about any country restrictions or payment roadblocks.
₹ 70 INR per package
Consolidation is a process where we take packages and combine them together into one box. Combining packages economizes space and weight, which can save you a ton on shipping costs. This service is only available to Premium Members.
₹ 70 INR per package
We will open the package, check the contents and click 2 photos and send them by email to you.
₹ 140 - 350 INR
Sometimes you need more than generic shipping for your items, that's why we offer Special Requests. A Special Request can cover anything from additional packing for security to filling out your customs declaration for you. We've listed a few of our most popular special requests.
₹ 350 INR
If you request this service, we will use the packing slips from retailers that come with your items to fill out your Customs Declaration. You can request this service for any package or consolidation you ship with IndianMailBox.
₹ 350 INR
With Express Processing your package will jump to the front of the processing queues. This means your package gets VIP treatment. Faster photos, consolidation, special requests and out the door quickly.
₹ 140 - 350 INR
Every package received comes with 3 exterior photos - we want you to be able to see exactly what was delivered. You can also order additional photos. Request detailed photos of your items or the box serial number, to see your have arrived safely.
Some carriers require insurance, some don't, it's usually a good idea. We offer Shipping Insurance to insure the value of your package in case of damage or theft in-transit up to the value stated on your customs declaration. Insurance starts at ₹ 210 INR
₹ 140 INR
When shipping a fragile item or if you just want some extra security, you can request Extra Packing Material. We offer extra bubble wrap, tape, fragile stickers or security tape. Let us take the worry out of the shipping of rare or valuable items.
Starting at ₹ 700 INR
Overweight packages will have a surcharge fee of ₹ 700 INR for packages 30lbs and over. 70lbs and over the fee is ₹ 1400 INR. Please contact customer service for exact fee and carrier availability for any package 70lbs or over. Airmail Economy maximum package weight is 4.4lbs, Airmail Priority maximum package weight 44lbs. See Package FAQ for details.
90 days free storage
Package Storage is FREE for the first 90 days. Expired packages will then start to accrue daily storage fees.

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