What payment methods do you offer in my country?

The payment methods we offer may vary depending on your location. We accept payments via major credit cards, PayPal, Wire transfer, Bank account transfer in INDIA as well as in USA and by ACH as well.For any specific payment method feel free to get in touch with us. We do not accept cash payments at anytime, even for local pickup.Below is a outline idea of our payment acceptance:

A. PayPal : ( Recommended !) : As you know paypal is the most convenient payment method accepted from across the globe.we proudly accept paypal.if you choose to use paypal on yours account, we will charge a 3% extra fee to cover the paypal charges ( if you are paying Rs.1000 then 3 % of Rs.1000 as Rs.30 and in total you have to pay us Rs.1030.00 ). This 3% is the amount that paypal charge from us and we have no idea to avoid this.if you choose to use paypal the system will automatically calculate the appropriate consolidate charges at the time of final payment and convert the INR amount into USD as PayPal do not process Indian Rupees as of now.

B. EBS Payment Gateway : EBS is a part of renowned Ingenico Group in india who is a leader in payment processing.We accept all major credit and debit cards across the Globe including Visa, Master, American Express , Discover and Diner cards.if you face any trouble while making payment via EBS payment gateway please let us know and we will resolve the issue for you.

C. Invoice Payment : Sometimes it happens that due to an upgradation going into the system , Paypal or EBS would not be working this case please get in touch with us either by our online chat facility or whatsapp +919999507339 and we will send you an invoice instead for the equivalent amount that you can pay in a few clicks.

D. Bank Account Transfer :

1. Indian Bank Accounts : If you have a bank account in india with any of the major bank then you can simply use our EBS payment gateway for a direct online transfer from yours indian bank account. simply select EBS as yours payment option , click on " net banking", choose yours bank and you will be done.If you want to send money by NEFT / IMPS option please get in touch with us and we will email you our account details.

2. US Bank Account : This option is awesome if you have a bank account with any major bank in USA.You can transfer funds via ACH to us or simply add us as a " Receiver" in yours netbanking module and transfer the funds.we have our US Bank account with Wells Fargo Bank.if you are intented to use this option, please get in touch with us at and we will mail you the accounts details right away.


E.Other options : if you would like to use any other payment option that suits as per yours need like Wire Transfer , Paytm or mobikwick then please email us at and we will send you all details.

How long do payments take to process?

Processing times vary per payment method. Most credit card and PayPal and payments will be processed immediately but some transactions may take 15 minutes or a few hours. Wire transfer and Boleto Bancario payments take 5-7 days to be processed.

Why is my payment not showing in my account?

We ask that you allow a few hours for your payment to appear on your IndianMailBox account but most payments are posted within minutes. If after few hours your payment is still not showing on your account, please submit a support ticket with the following information:

  • Paypal - Please provide us with the unique transaction ID.
  • Credit Card - Please provide us with the first six and last four digits of the card used. For your safety, DO NOT send your full credit card number.
  • Bank Transfer : Please provide us with the unique receipit received from EBS payment gateway.
  • Wire Transfer - Please provide us with the wire transfer receipt or the name the wire transfer was made under, the amount deposited in USD and the date of the wire transfer.
  • Other Payment Methods - Submit a support ticket for further assistance.


Why is my credit card payment not processing?

The most common reason for credit card decline is that the card provider is blocking international payments. First verify with your bank or card provider that they allow international payments. Please also verify that the billing address on your account is correct. If you continue to receive an error message, please take a screen shot and submit a support ticket through your account. For your safety, DO NOT include your full credit card number.

Why can't I add a deposit on my account?

If the problem remains same even after multiple tries, just contact us either via email at , chat us online , whatsapp us 24/7 at +919999507339 or call up us and we will get this fix for you.

How do I request a refund?

We need to know the exact reason why the refund has been initiated.These reasons varies individual to individual and we need to make an analysis before we process the refund.The quickest way for this is to chat us online via our live chat feature or else drop us an email to by describing the reason of refund in brief and we will take care of the rest.