General Questions

Do I need to add a deposit before my package arrives to your warehouse?

No, you do not need to add a deposit before the package arrives. Once the package arrives and you are ready to ship it out, you can add a deposit.

Can I receive letters?

Yes, offcourse! we can receive the paper mail, documents, magazines, advertisement material and other documentry stuffs for you in the similar fashion as the parcel and packages.once we receive the letter and mail for you we will scan the front of the envelop and email you as well as upload it under yours account area so that you can have a look.not only this but we can even open and  scan these letters and send you in a secure email format.The cost of scanning per letter per page is Rs.20 in free account ( Only 1 Plan ) and free in subscription ( My Mailbox Plan ).

Why i have been asked for providing documents for identification and address proof?

We are an entity who is receiving yours packages and mails on yours behalf and there are two main reasons why we need these documents from yours end:

1. We need to comply with rules & regulations described by indian postal department: All couriers like DHL, UPS, FEDEX etc requires a formal custom clearence at the time of import or export and in either of the case you would be the receiver and hence yours documents would be needed for swift processing of your items.

2.We have a strict KYC ( Know your customer ) policy in order and we need to know who you are.A successful validation of these documents help us to validate yours identity and it would be useful for yours own safety and security.

What is the processing time for special requests, consolidations or photo requests?

Sending out a shipment may take 1-2 days, depending on when you submit your request. Consolidations, special requests and photo requests may take 1-2 days to process (Monday-Friday in India, excluding Indian Holidays). Express Processing is an additional service available for a fee, which puts your shipment at the top of the queue.

I am a retailer who shipped product to your customer and suspect fraud. Can you help me?

IndianMailBox takes fraud very seriously and we do everything we can to eliminate fraud. We have systems and processes in place to protect our clients as well as retailers shipping packages to our warehouses.

We have a strict, zero tolerance policy for fraudulent activities. If your account is suspected of fraudulent activity it will immediately be placed on security review. Pending our findings, your account is subject to cancellation.

If you're a retailer suspecting a fraudulent transaction, please contact us immediately. We want to work with you to help resolve the situation and prevent this from happening again.

I am a business owner and would like to use Indianmailbox address for receiving my business correspondences.can i use it?

Yes offcourse ! you can use our address for all yours business needs and for all correspondences as well.just make sure that you are signing up for our subscription plan ( My Mailbox Plan ) if you are intented to use our address for this purpose.A free account will not be entitled for this privilidge.


What are the acceptable documents i need to upload?

We require two forms of documents in this regards as follows:

1. An Identification Proof : A copy of front & back of yours government issued, unexpired identity card such as Passport / Driving Licence / State ID card / Income Tax Card / PAN Card etc. Make sure that yours picture and other text details must be showing crystal clear over the document.

2.An Address Proof : A copy of yours recent utility bill like Water Bill / Gas Bill / Electricity bill/ Postpaid mobile or landline bill /  preferably within last 90 days that must be under yours name , should not be altered or faded.If yours identification document do have your address as well then we can accept it as well.

You can securely upload these documents during sign up process and our review team will take care of them.