Sending Magazines

IndianMailBox offers a new fast possibility to mail magazines or letters. It’s the quickest way to get your magazines and letter shipped for just a piece of price.

This new option is called FAST MAILOUT
Whenever we will receive a letter or magazine we will forward it to you immediately by Indiapost Airmail (inexpensive mailing service comparable to First Class/ Registered mail by India Post). You have to have enough deposit on your account, otherwise we will not be able to send the package immediately. The incoming package must be clearly visible as a magazine (not hidden in an envelope).

Airmail is the least expensive shipping option for printed materials. Check our shipping calculator.   We use default weights for calculating postage: letter  0.25 K.G, magazine 0.7 K.G (some magazines can be little bit heavier or lighter, but default weight is always used). 

To change the setting for magazines and letters login to your account and select  FAST MAILOUT. To be eligible for fast mail out you have to have enough deposit on your account. If we cannot mail out the item immediately because of low deposit, your order will be treated like a regular package.




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