Photo Request

You can place a “Special Request” on your account to take photos of your shipment’s contents. Login and click on “Packages in Warehouse,” choose your package and click on the “Special requests” link.

We offer several options:

One photo request

We will open your package and take one photo of the contents. This is the least expensive request which gives you an idea of what items are included in your package. Do not expect a detailed shot. Typically, it is one photo showing all items contained in the package spread out on a table.

If the content of package does not fit in the area of 36x36 inches, we will automatically charge for a multiple photo request.

Multiple photo request

This request gives you close up and detailed photos of the items in the package. We will also take a photo of the invoice or packing list (if enclosed). Also, photos of labels on clothes and other items so you can verify that the correct sizes were shipped. This also includes model numbers for electronics and the IMEI number for iPhones.

We take photos based on our best judgment. If you have a specific requirement, please use OTHER INSTRUCTION ($5) and explain how you would like the photo to be taken in detail. We will not break factory seals and take pictures of the product box in One or Multiple photo request. If you wish us to inspect the product and take more detailed photos, please use OTHER INSTRUCTION.

Why take photos?

To double check that correct items were received and forwarded by IndianMailBox. Please read a more detailed explanation here.




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