How To Avoid Problems

Problems do happen with shipping, but there are many simple steps you can take to help avoid the most common issues.

1. Always review the contents of your packages

When you receive a package, ask us to check the contents immediately. You can do this through the “Special Request” function in your account.

Selecting either TAKE PHOTOS or FILL CUSTOMS DECLARATION will tell you what’s inside of the received package.

Taking photos or letting us check the package is the only way to see if your products arrived in good condition. If you don’t ask us to check, we cannot accept any claims about the condition of the products later. We can even take photos of each package immediately upon its arrival.

Multiple shipments can also be confusing. Stores often split up a single order into multiple packages. For example, if you order two pair of shoes, the retailer will send you the first package containing one pair of shoes and the second shortly after. If we receive just one package, it doesn’t mean that there are items missing, it simply hasn’t been sent yet. We can always take photos when the package arrives to confirm the contents and condition of the package.

It is not uncommon for retailers to make mistakes. We do many assisted purchases every once in awhile a retailer will send either the wrong item, wrong size or completely forget to include certain items. Even though the packing list might list all items, the actual package might be missing something.

Shipping companies also make mistakes. We’ve seen replacement labels with misspellings, wrong/incomplete addresses and more. You can never be too secure when dealing with your package. If you ever notice anything suspect about your package inform us. Only you know what you ordered and what should be arriving.

If you see your package has arrived in our warehouse and hasn’t been entered in 24 hours, please file a claim immediately through your client account. The faster you tell us, the sooner we can solve any issues and assure that the package is not sent to the wrong person.

Package shows different content than custom declaration. We do not compare the customs declaration when mailing out the package or during the consolidation. If you would like us to personally fill out the custom declaration, you must place a special request. If you fill out the Customs declaration filled without seeing the package, there is no guarantee of the contents. Again, you can always request pictures of the package contents.

2. Consolidation photos

We always take photos of contents during consolidation. This is a perfect way how to have further control of what was consolidated.

3. Missing Items

Photos are great way for you to know what is inside your packages, and also the best proof for insurance claims. If an item is missing, it will be very helpful to have a official letter from your customs office or post office showing a loss in weight. Please upload this letter to the claim together with the invoice from the seller showing declared value of all items in the package. Explain which exact item is missing and we will file an insurance claim.

4. Misplaced package or address

 If you believe that you received a package which belongs to someone else, please notify us immediately. Take photos of the package including: shipping labels, package number and photos of the content (including packing list). We will let you know what steps to follow next. We will also ask you to forward the package to the correct person and we will compensate you for the work and postage.


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