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Shop in the INDIAN Region and have packages forwarded to you

Many products are much less expensive in the INDIAN Market. Thanks to the weak INR value and strong competition. Many indian sellers do not ship directly to international addresses. Now you can shop online on sites like eBay.in, Amazon.in, Flipkart etc and we will ship the packages to you. We can also assist with purchases and arrange payment if you do not own a credit card.

Low Shipping Rates

  • Compare our shipping rates with the competition. We have super low shipping rates.
  • Consolidation lowers cost of postage. Sometimes it is cheaper to mail packages through indianmailbox.com than directly from stores to you.
  • Discounts from shipping companies!
  • Prestigious Addresses in the city of Gurgaon,in the heart of indian capital.
  • No heavy sales tax in india.

Easy Pricing

  • 90 days free storage for every customer.
  • Individual packages No monthly fee. No set up fee. Send a package without obligation. Just try us and see how it works. $5 / INR 350 per package.
  • Virtual Mailbox : RECOMMENDED! The best savings from consolidating multiple packages. $3 / INR 210 per package!
  • Magazines and letters can be mailed out for just a $3 / INR 210 processing fee + postage.
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We prevent and solve logistics problems

  • 24/7 access to your online account. Details about each package including its tracking number. Email notifications.
  • Option to check content of your package. Make sure everything is in good shape and nothing is missing. Photos of content on arrival.
  • Help with returns and refunds for products.

100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

We will refund any unused portion of your deposit with no fees if you are not happy with our service within 30 days of your account registration.