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Carrier tracking

  • How can I track my package?Open or Close

    All packages mailed out by IndianMailBox can be found by clicking on the "Sent Packages" tab at the top of your account. Each package has a tracking number link which will open a new tab displaying tracking information for your package. All packages are assigned a tracking number but not all shipping methods provide tracking updates. Airmail Economy, Airmail Priority, and USPS First Class Mail typically do not provide tracking.

  • Why is my tracking not updated yet?Open or Close

    To preserve our low-cost shipping options, USPS AU Post and Boxberry pick up from our Hawthorne location only. If you are using one of these carriers and your package was in Minden or Tualatin, we will transport it to Hawthorne for carrier pickup. This may take 2-3 days. Tracking information will be updated online then sent to the location you provided.

    Packages mailed via Boxberry are picked up once a week from our Hawthorne warehouse on Friday. Tracking is available once the package arrives in Russia. Packages need to be scheduled for mail out in your account prior to Thursday 12:00 PM PST to be shipped out on Friday. Tracking for Boxberry packages mailed out from the Minden, Nevada or Tualatin, Oregon warehouse will take 2-3 days to arrive to California. Please account for additional transport time if you plan on shipping with Boxberry, USPS, or AU Post from our Minden, Nevada or Tualatin, Oregon warehouses.

  • Can I ship my package to an APO or FPO address?Open or Close

    Unfortunately, we do not ship to APO or FPO addresses.

  • Can I use some other shipping method not shown in your calculator?Open or Close

    The carriers we have available for your selected destination will be shown in our Shipping Calculator. If you don't see a carrier option, we don't currently offer it for your selected destination.

    We are constantly evaluating our carrier partners to ensure that we are offering you reliable and cost efficient options. Available shipping methods depend on destination, weight, dimension and declared value of your parcel.

  • What shipping methods do you offer?Open or Close

    If you would like to see which options are available by destination, check out our Shipping Calculator.

    For a list of all available shipping methods with parcel size and weight limits, view our Postage page.

  • The shipping method I want to use is not shown on my account. However, it shows that it's available on the calculator. What's the issue?

    If a shipping method is not available for your package during mail out, then please click the "Show Unavailable Shipping Methods" button below the list of carriers. This list will show the unavailable shipping methods and reasons for why these shipping carriers cannot be selected. It is usually due to the size and/or weight of the package or the declared value.

  • How can I track my package via USPS/Correios?

    Please, remember that when shipping to Brazil using USPS/Correios you need to track your package online via the Correios website after your package arrives in Brazil. Download this PDF and follow the instructions to track your package via Correios. This tracking method only applies to packages shipped via USPS Priority or USPS Express, it does not apply to FedEx or DHL packages