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  • What payment methods do you offer in my country?Open or Close

    The payment methods we offer may vary depending on your location. We accept payments via major credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, Wire transfer, QiWi (Russia) and Boleto (Brazil). We do not accept cash payments at anytime, even for local pickup

  • How long do payments take to process?Open or Close

    Processing times vary per payment method. Most credit card, PayPal and Bitcoin payments will be processed immediately but some transactions may take 15 minutes or a few hours. Wire transfer and Boleto Bancario payments take 5-7 days to be processed.

  • Why is my payment not showing in my account?Open or Close

    We ask that you allow a few hours for your payment to appear on your IndianMailBox account but most payments are posted within minutes. If after few hours your payment is still not showing on your account, please submit a support ticket with the following information:

    • Paypal - Please provide us with the unique transaction ID.
    • Credit Card - Please provide us with the first six and last four digits of the card used. For your safety, DO NOT send your full credit card number.
    • Bitcoin - Please provide us with the date and amount deposited in USD along with the IndianMailBox order number.
    • Wire Transfer - Please provide us with the wire transfer receipt or the name the wire transfer was made under, the amount deposited in USD and the date of the wire transfer.
    • Boleto Bancario - Please provide us with the deposit receipt showing proof of payment, the deposit date and the amount.
    • Other Payment Methods - Submit a support ticket for further assistance.

  • Why is my credit card payment not processing?Open or Close

    The most common reason for credit card decline is that the card provider is blocking international payments. First verify with your bank or card provider that they allow international payments. Please also verify that the billing address on your account is correct. If you continue to receive an error message, please take a screen shot and submit a support ticket through your account. For your safety, DO NOT include your full credit card number.

  • Why can't I add a deposit on my account?Open or Close

    If your account is new, with no packages or pending assisted purchases, you can only make a deposit via wire transfer or Bitcoin. Once we receive your first package or you create an assisted purchase request, you will be able to make a payment using additional methods. We require a minimum of ₹350 per deposit.