• What do I do if I see a screens saying "Additional Documents Required"?Open or Close

    Depending on the shipping method you choose, additional information may be required if your package contains a battery. The Additional Documents Requires screen should provide you with a list of documents that are needed. Please be prepared to either upload the merchant invoices, an MSDS form or provide additional information about the contents in your package.

    For more information on the MSDS form please see the question below.

  • What is a MSDS form and how can I get one?Open or Close

    The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is a document that contains information on products with potential hazards. Many products, especially electronics, contain compounds that pose a health, fire, reactivity or environmental risks when shipped. An MSDS is usually required for lithium-ion batteries or products containing specified chemicals.

    You can find an MSDS form by searching Google (or any other search engine) with the item name, model number and MSDS. For example, if you need an MSDS for an iPhone 7, use the search term "iphone 7 MSDS"" and you will see the link from Apple for the iPhone 7 MSDS. Download this document (typically a PDF) and upload it using the "Additional Documents" screen.

  • Which carriers can ship lithium-ion batteries?Open or Close

    To be clear, we do not ship any loose lithium ion batteries (PI965). If the lithium ion batteries are housed in a device, you can review the list of carriers and their regulations in our Prohibited and Limited Items section.


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